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Education Network

Are you a university, school or education facility? Join our education network to benefit from exclusive discounts, free shipping and much more.

Why Register For Our Education Network?

Two Discounts Available

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Volume Discount

As a member of the education network you will have access to our exclusive volume discount.
You will receive a 10% discount on orders between AED 2,250 – 11,300 and 15% off on orders that are over AED 11,300.

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Referral Programme Discounts

Members of the education network can also benefit from an additional discount on their next order when they refer our products to another school or university.

You will both get 10% off.

To benefit from a referral simply include the name of the person who referred you in the correct section of this form. We will make sure you can benefit from this discount off your next order.

In order to help you refer our products we will send you various pieces of marketing material, upon your request, that you can pass on to other schools and universities.

Free Shipping

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Educators can benefit from free shipping on all orders. This is regardless of price. If you would like more information on our shipping policy, then click here.

Buy Now, Pay Later

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Education is one of our largest customer sectors, this means we are familiar with the buying process of schools and universities. We offer members of our education network the opportunity to buy now and pay later. This means that you can pay once you have received the goods, making the process easier and straightforward. For more information, visit our payment page here.

Become a Brand Ambassador and Benefit From Free Accessories

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Become a brand ambassador. Many of our customers are interested in a site visit so that they can see Smarter Surfaces products in use before they buy. By choosing to become a brand ambassador you can offer them the chance to see the products in action. For every site visit you will receive a free Pro Whiteboard User Kit. This will include high quality markers to use, cleaning sprays, a permanent ink remover and a few microfibre cloths.

Account Manager

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Every member of our education network will have their own account manager. They will look after you and your needs and help to support you or answer any questions you might have.

Choose Your Functionality, Choose Your Product

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Whiteboard Products – including wallpapers, films and paints
Magnetic Products – plaster, wallpaper and paints
Projection Products
– wallpapers and paints
Double and Triple Functionality Products

Combined With Products – wallpapers and paints

Download a comparison table of all Smarter Surfaces products here.

You can order sample cards of our products here.

Need more information? Contact our customer service team here or call us on +971 4 508 1587.

Ready to join our education network?