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How To Use Projector Paint

Once applied to your wall, our Projector Paints are ready for use as a projection surface. Simply set up your projector as needed and aim towards the painted wall. Smart Projector Paints can be used with most projectors, including interactive projectors.

Smart Projector Paints are suitable for use on plaster, wall boards, wood, metal, and concrete, for indoor use only.

What is the best projector paint to use for your wall?

Choose Smart Projector Paint Pro for high performance projection in an office or learning environment.
Choose Smart Projector Paint Contrast for gaming, movies, home cinema screen or high contrast projection.
Choose Smart Projector Paint for day to day projection with standard projection equipment.
Choose Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen for dual functionality.
Choose Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen for projection, whiteboard and magnetic functionality.

Can Smart Projector Paints be used to create a whiteboard surface?

Smart Projector Paints cannot be used as a whiteboard surface. If you’re looking to get a surface with both whiteboard and projector functionalities, check out Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen.

What is the gain value of Smarter Surfaces projection paints?

The gain value of Smart Projector Paints are as follows.
Smart Projector Paint Pro has a gain value of 1.1 at a viewing angle of 140. It is our best performing projection product.
Smart Projector Paint has a gain value of 1.0 at a viewing angle of 140.
Smart Projector Paint Contrast has a gain value of 0.1 at a viewing angle of 120.

What is gain value?

Gain is a measurement of the reflectivity of any screen or projection surface. The gain number represents a ratio of the light that is reflected from the surface as compared to a whiteboard – 1.0 represents the measurement of a regular whiteboard.
Choose a higher gain value projection surface for brighter rooms with narrow viewing angle – for example conference rooms and classrooms. Avoid the issues of hotspotting and colour shifts by not exceeding a 1.3 gain value.
Choose a lower gain value projection surface to create a home theatre effect in a darkened room. Grey projection surfaces tend to have lower gain values and higher light contrast ratings.