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Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is designed to be compatible with all good quality whiteboard markers.For the best compatibility, we recommend purchasing markers here as these have been tested for optimum compatibility with Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint.

Can I use permanent markers?

No, like any regular whiteboard, Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is not compatible with permanent markers. If permanent markers are used on Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint, we advise using ou Permanent Ink Remover to remove.

How do I get permanent marker off a whiteboard wall?

It may be possible to remove a permanent marker by writing over it with a whiteboard marker. This will ‘wet’ the ink again, thus making it easier to remove. Wait two minutes, then wipe off. If this fails to work, use Permanent Ink Remover available from our web store. This is a specialised cleaner designed to remove permanent marker, stubborn stains and ghosting from whiteboards and whiteboard painted surfaces.