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Smart Projector Paint Pro

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Smart Projector Paint Pro is the UAE’s best performing general use projection paint kit product in our range. Not only does it outperform traditional projector screens, but is low cost, easy to apply and has no size or shape limitations.

Smart Projector Paint Pro comes in a kit and is the best solution for anyone looking to project high quality images in meetings, lessons or presentations with a certified gain value of 1.1 at 140 degrees Smart Projector Paint Pro is also suitable for outdoor / external use such as outdoor movie screenings and projecting onto the exterior of buildings.

Use with all interactive, HD, 4K, standard projectors, short throw and ultra short throw projectors.

Unsure about the right product for your project? Send us a photo of your space or get in touch and we can suggest ideas and recommend product options so you can choose what will work best for you. Unsure about installation? We are here to help and advise you through the steps.

  • 5 year product guarantee
  • Commercial grade performance
  • Eliminates hotspots
  • Kit includes application accessories and primer
  • Easy to apply – two coat application with simple application guide
  • Ready to use in just 24 hours
  • Environmental: Complies with Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS)
  • Low VOC, Solvent free & Isocyanates free
  • Independent certification for projection performance – CREST
  • Volume discounts available

Smart Projector Paint Pro Kit Technical Specifications

  • Coverage/ Volume / Weight:
    6m² / 750ml / 1.06kg
  • Product Colour: White (RAL 9010 / BS 00 E 55)
  • Product Finish: Matt
  • Gain Value: 1.1 at a viewing angle of 140 degrees
  • Lighting: Use in reduced ambient lighting
  • Performance: High opacity to give you the brightest, sharpest images in high definition, with a wider angle and reflects more light
  • Odour: Very low
  • VOC: Less than 13g/l
  • Certification: Independent Projection Performance Report – CREST
  • Primer: A water based primer (included with kit) must be used before applying Smart Projector Paint Pro to any surface
  • Certification: for Projection performance
  • Suitable Surfaces: can be applied on any smooth surfaces such as walls, plaster, concrete, wood, metal both internally and externally.

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Smart Projector Paint Pro ( 6m²)
  • 1 x Smart White Primer ( 6m²)
  • 1 x Roller Handle
  • 2 x Roller Sleeve
  • 1 x Application Guide

Smart Projector Paint Pro Installation

Our Smart Projector Paint Pro Kit does not require professional installation. Anyone can apply this projector paint.

You will need to ensure all surfaces to be painted are clean, dry and free from loose materials.

A water based primer must be used before applying Smart Projector Paint Pro to any surface. We recommend using our Smart White Primer (included in your kit) as it has been tested to work with our projector paint.

Simply prepare the surface, apply the primer, allow it to dry, then apply two coats of our projector paint pro, allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second coat (approx 1-2 hours). Once the projector paint has been applied wait 24 hours before using the surface. A full application guide is available to help you apply our projector paint pro.

Please note: the smoothness of the wall can affect product performance so make sure to use your primer supplied within the kit and sand your surface beforehand and between primer coats. This will guarantee you have the best projection wall on the market.

Have any questions? We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and support. Just get in touch here.


Why Buy Smart Projector Paint Pro?

Smart Projector Paint Pro transforms any smooth surface into a high performance projector screen. This is the best performing general use projection product in our range. It facilitates the projection of bright, sharp images in high definition and has been designed and tested to provide maximum projection performance. Unlike with regular surfaces you won’t need to worry about hotspotting.

Quick and easy application, removing the need for bulky projector screens. Projector paints are ideal for when you require the functionality of a projector screen but want to maintain a minimal and sleek workspace or learning environment.

Smart Projector Paint Pro allows you to create a projectable surface with no size limitations that performs better than regular projector screens. Create a projection surface that’s always ready to use and blends into the background when it’s not needed.

Due to the gain value of 1.1 at an angle of 140 degrees, Smart Projector Paint Pro can be used to show high-quality presentations. This increased gain value means it reflects more light than Smart Projector Paint for an even higher quality image.

This professional projector paint can be used with all interactive, HD and standard projectors and reflects a large amount of light (7.8mW). It is designed for use in ambient lighting.

Smart Projector Paint Pro is not a dry erase surface. If you’re looking for dry erase and projector functionality check out our Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper Low Sheen.

Smarter Surfaces’ projector paint is an environmentally friendly option with industry beating low VOC levels, compared to competitors. We are Isocyanate free in all our coatings. This means it’s safe to apply with people in a reasonably ventilated room.

We believe our projection products will enhance the way you work and create. We guarantee our projector paint for 5 years and our quality guarantee is backed up by independent certifications. You can request a sample of Smart Projector Paint Pro if you want to test its performance first.

Looking for our budget version? Take a look at our Smart Projector Paint to get a high quality solution at a more affordable price. If you want to create a home cinema, our Smart Projector Paint Contrast is the solution for you.

Volume Discounts, Professionals, Trade and Education

Not only do we outperform our competitors when it comes to the quality and performance of our products with a 5 year performance guarantee but we also offer volume discounts.

The larger the surface you would like to transform, the more you can save. We offer discounts on bulk purchases, get in touch to learn more.

Looking for trade discounts as a specifier, contractor,or educator join our professional programmes to benefit from discounts, free shipping, exclusive offers and much more.

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How do I apply Smart Projector Paint Pro?

You can apply Smart Projector Paint Pro using a brush, a roller or a spray.

Which projectors can I use with this projector screen paint?

Smarter Surfaces Projector Paints are suitable for all projector resolutions including 4K.

Are the necessary coats in each tin of Smart Projector Paint Pro?

Yes, all the coats required are supplied within the tin. For Smart Projector Paint and Smart Projector Paint Proyou will require 2 coats of paint. We would also recommend that you prime the surface before applying the paint. White Primer is included in the kit and 2 coats are recommended.

What should I use Smart Projector Paint Pro for?

Smart Projector Paint Pro is the ideal projection product to be used for any high performance projection in a working or learning environment.

Is Smart Projector Paint Pro dry erase?

No, the Smart Projector Paint Pro is not dry erase. If you are interested in a product that is both dry erase and projectable please take a lookat our Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen.

What is the gain value of Smart Projector Paint Pro?

Smart Projector Paint Pro has a gain value of 1.1 and a viewing angle of 140 degrees.

Gain is a measurement of the reflectivity of any screen or projection surface. The gain number represents the ratio of the light that is reflected from the surface as compared to a whiteboard – 1.0 represents the measurement of a regular whiteboard. Choose a higher gain value projection surface for brighter rooms with narrow viewing angle ? for example conference rooms and classrooms. Avoid the issues of hotspotting and colour shifts by not exceeding a 1.3 gain value. Choose a lower gain value projection surface to create a home theatre effect in a darkened room. Grey projection surfaces tend to have lower gain values and higher light contrast ratings.  For more information, see our full FAQ section here.

Smart Projector Paint Pro Reviews

Smart Projector Paint Pro

Smart Projector Paint was used in an office area with a high quality Sony data projector.
The use of a conventional screen in this space wasn’t really a practical or aesthetically pleasing solution, so your product appealed to us.
Apart from the paint actually doing what it said it would do on the box, I was really impressed with the shipping cost and the information provided to us throughout the transaction.

Angela D.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Smart Projector Paint Pro

Smart Projector Paint Pro is a great projection product. It’s perfect for all our meetings and presentations.

Louise F.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10