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Uses for A Projector Whiteboard Wall

uses for a projector whiteboard wall

Think projector and whiteboard surfaces can only be used in meeting rooms? Think again.

A projector whiteboard wall is a great addition to any workspace or classroom.

From collaborative working to optimised project management, you really can’t go wrong.

Today we’ve included some of the ways we’ve seen projector and whiteboard walls used to give you some information.

Projector Whiteboard Wall In IT Departments  

See the big picture with projector and whiteboard surfaces. No more limiting yourself to small computer screens.

You can project websites or projects you’re working on directly onto your wall and use the whiteboard functionalities to make real time edits.

Just look at IT support company My IT Department. They created their very own projector and whiteboard wall using Smart 2-in-1: Projector and Whiteboard Wallcovering. Now they can make the most of their surfaces.

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Make Lessons Interactive 

We all know the difficulties teachers can face when planning lessons. You have to make your lessons informative while also keeping your students’ attention.

This can sometimes feel like an unwinnable battle, but it doesn’t have to be.

Make lessons engaging again with projectable and writable walls. Let your students brainstorm and work on assignments using the whiteboard functionality.

Why not project diagrams and have students come up and label them directly on the wall?

One thing’s for sure; you won’t have any students falling asleep in class with interactive walls.

Events With A Twist  

Set your events apart from the rest with projector and whiteboard surfaces. Having interactive walls at your event is a great way of getting your guests more involved.

Just look at this feedback wall that was used during a TEDx event:

Event on TEDxDublin using smarter surfaces product

Attendees were able to write up their thoughts on the talks in a fun way. Why have a comments book when you can write on the walls anyway?

With a projector whiteboard wall, you can also project images or videos throughout your event. Perhaps you’re launching a product? Then why not project images and adverts of your new product during the event?

It’s a great way to get people talking.

Want to add a projector and whiteboard surface to an upcoming event but don’t have time to install it? Then choose Smart Office Film: Projector and Dry Erase. Simply stick on this self adhesive film for projectable and writable walls that can be used immediately.

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