SAP Transforms Walls Into Creative Spaces

SAP transforms walls into creative spaces

It has been a busy couple of months at Smarter Surfaces.

Recently we embarked on an exciting project, working with SAP to transform their new offices.

SAP is a worldwide leader in enterprise software and related services, working in over 130 countries and employing over 55,000 people.

When SAP set about designing their new state of the art offices, Smart Wall Paint was chosen as a tool to help increase office productivity. SAP literally transformed their ordinary walls into borderless creative spaces. ( Over two floors, general office walls, meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, hallways and even the staff canteen were turned into places where employees can brainstorm and work out their next big ideas.

The SAP team now use their Smart Walls to collaborate with colleagues and discuss problems on a large creative canvas. This has proved so successful that SAP have decided to convert areas of their Headquarters and smaller offices into creative spaces to inspire new ideas within their workforce.