Clear Whiteboard Paint

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Clear Whiteboard Paint from Smarter Surfaces is the UAE’s number one high quality transparent or clear whiteboard paint that transforms any smooth surface into a writable area of any color.

Pick the color of your choice and apply the Smarter Surfaces clear whiteboard paint over it.. Also available in magnetic.

  • 10 year product guarantee
  • Commercial grade performance, with no ghosting and no staining
  • Kit includes application accessories
  • Use with any whiteboard markers and accessories
  • Easy to apply: one coat application with simple application and video guide
  • Ready to use in just 4 days
  • Environmental (exceeds all EU/US standards): Isocyanates free, Low VOC, Solvent Free
  • Independent certification for LEED, M1, VOC and Fire
  • Suitable Surfaces: walls, desks, furniture, glass, partitions, or any smooth surface.
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Benefits of Using Clear Whiteboard Paint

Seamless Integration with Your Space

Create a writable surface in any color of your choice. Clear Whiteboard Paint is designed to be painted over previously painted walls, seamlessly integrating into any decor, while adding whiteboard functionality.

Unleash Creativity and Promote Collaboration

Clear Whiteboard Paint empowers individuals and teams to ideate, strategize, and visualize ideas in real-time. Turn any surface into an interactive space that sparks innovation and encourages engagement.

Maximize Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Our clear whiteboard paint offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional whiteboards. No more investing in multiple boards or large-scale installations.

Environmentally Friendly

Smarter Surfaces’ clear whiteboard wall paint is environmentally friendly with industry beating low VOC levels. All our coatings are isocyanate free. This means it’s safe to apply with people in the room and won’t cause any headaches or harm

Quality Guaranteed

We guarantee our whiteboard paint for 10 years. Our quality guarantee is backed up by independent certifications.

Clear Whiteboard Paint - Technical Specifications

Coverage / Volume / Weight:

  • 2m² / 126 ml/ 146g
  • 6m² / 378 ml / 423g
  • 18m² / 1134ml / 1269g

Product Color: Clear / Transparent
Finish: Clear Gloss
Gloss Measurement: 98 GU at 60 degrees
Odor: Very low
VOC: Less than 0.13%

Environmental (exceeds all EU/US standards): VOC free, solvent free, PFOA & PFOS free and isocyanates free
Primer: Use clear water based primer if applying Clear Whiteboard Paint to any absorbent surface such as natural wood.

Health & Safety: Independent certification for Fire, LEED, M1, VOC and Indoor Air Comfort
Suitable Surfaces: walls, desks, furniture, glass, partitions, or any smooth surface

Manufactured with over a decade of proven whiteboard surface technology.

Unsure about the right product for you? We offer video call support, live chat, phone and email. Avail of free technical advice and suggestions for ideas and product recommendations so you can choose what will work best for you. Unsure about installation? We are here to help and advise you.

Kit Contents

Your kit will include:

  • Clear Whiteboard Paint Part A
  • 1 x Clear Whiteboard Paint Part B
  • 1 x Microfibre cloth
  • 1 x Roller Handle
  • 2 x Roller Sleeve
  • 1 x Sanding Block
  • 1 x Stirring Stick
  • 1 x Pair of gloves
  • 1 x Surface Sticker
  • 1 x Application Guide

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Clear Whiteboard Paint Reviews

Katy Burgess

“It was pretty much a no-brainer for us. We already had a yellow feature wall in the studio but wanted somewhere to brainstorm ideas for campaigns – as a team, and also with clients, explains Studio Creative at Bopgun,

Bopgun Design

We weren’t really inspired by any of the school-ish whiteboards we found online, so opted for a clear coat of Smart Wall Paint over the yellow wall. The Smart Wall is great for visual thinkers like us and has the double function of being a good place to let off some creative steam and doodle between projects, not forgetting it also makes for a great Pictionary platform! ”

DreamWall Printing

I just wanted to share a great example of your product in use. We printed (using our wall printer) a 6.3m2 skeletal and muscular image directly onto this gymnasium wall for a College and then applied your clear whiteboard paint. It is now a fantastic interactive teaching wall! Thank you!


Clear whiteboard paint is a type of specialty paint that can be applied to smooth surfaces such as painted walls, digital prints, and other non-absorbent surfaces like wallpapers, transforming them into functional whiteboards. Smarter Surfaces clear whiteboard paint creates a dry erase surface where you can write, draw, and erase with dry erase markers, keeping the original surface design or color.

Yes, clear whiteboard paint, also known as dry erase paint, is designed to work effectively. Smarter Surfaces clear whiteboard paint provides a smooth, erasable surface where you can write and erase with dry erase markers, and comes with a 10 year warranty. Proper application will ensure optimal performance.
To remove stains from a whiteboard, first, try using a dry erase eraser or a soft cloth with a whiteboard cleaner. If the stain persists, use Smarter Surfaces Permanent Ink Remover on troublesome areas of your surface. This is an extremely high performing product which is not suitable for daily cleaning.
To ensure a perfect whiteboard finish, please:
  • Preparation - Fill the surface where needed with decorators filler then sand the surface smooth and remove any sanding dust. Apply your color of choice to the surface typically three coats of colored paint is required for a good solid color sometime more.
  • Before applying the Clear Whiteboard Paint ensure you have enough to cover the desired area. Stretching the paint will affect the whiteboard performance.
  • Note this is a one coat specialist coating. To ensure optimum results we recommend rolling over the surface multiple times with the roller to ensure the paint has covered well and there are no missed spots. After a section stop and inspect visually to ensure no missed spots.
This award-winning Smart clear whiteboard paint comes with a ten-year performance guarantee. See our clear whiteboard paint application video.
Each kit is supplied with a roller designed to be used with Smart clear whiteboard paint. For best results, apply paint using a mohair or lint free short pile roller sleeve. If you are using a mohair roller, remove all loose fibres before use.
Smart clear whiteboard paint can be applied to almost any smooth surface (glass, metal, concrete, wood, etc.). If you are using Smart clear whiteboard paint over an existing colored surface you do not need a primer. But if you are applting it to an absorbent material like natural wood or polished concrete apply our clear primer as required. Smart clear whiteboard paint can be applied over any color, except for white. For a white finish use our other white color whiteboard paint.
You can apply Smart Clear Whiteboard Paint drectly to the glass.
Yes. Ensure that the surface is smooth before application. Fill any holes with a filler. Apply Smart Clear Primer before applying the Clear Whiteboard Paint Sand after each coat of primer and re-apply primer as required.
Yes, painting over wallpaper is possible. You can apply Smart clear whiteboard paint over smooth wallpaper only. Do not apply over a textured wallpaper. For a white finish, apply 2 coats of Smart Whiteboard Primer. For a clear finish, use 2 coats of Smart Clear Primer if the wallpaper is porous.
Yes. Our product has been tested to withstand temperatures up to minus 16 degrees celsius and is UV light (ultraviolet) resistant. However, the area should be sheltered and dry to ensure best performance. Please note Smart clear whiteboard paint should not be stored for an extended period of time below zero.
No Smart Clear Whiteboard Paint is highly UV resistanct which means the Smart Clear Whiteboard Paint will not yellow, even in the brightest conditions.
Smart clear whiteboard paint has not been tested for slip resistance and as with any painted finish it could wear according to the traffic on it. Our performance guarantee is as a dry erase paint and does not extend beyond that.
Smart clear whiteboard paint is an ideal whiteboard repair product for most surfaces. Smart clear whiteboard paint can be applied directly onto existing whiteboards, just ensure all marker residue has been removed.
Only if its an absorbent surface such as a natural wood or concrete. Typically the Clear Whiteboard Paint is applied to a painted color and does not require a primer.
A normal fan heater can be used to speed up the drying process. An infrared lamp can also be used but it can’t be placed too close to the surface.
Yes Smart clear whiteboard paint is completely safe to use. Smart clear whiteboard paint is solvent free and has a VOC of less than .40floz/pt.Smart clear whiteboard paint meets the highest environmental standards has been indendently certified for Fire performance, LEED, M1, VOC and Indoor Air Comfort Use the gloves supplied in the kit while applying Smart clear whiteboard paint. As with any paint product we recommend wearing gloves during application.
Smart clear whiteboard paint is 100% free of Isocyanates. Unlike some poorer quality products on the market we do not use isocyanates in our clear whiteboard paint or any of our products which is a hazardous product and should only be used by trained professionals using rigorous safety procedures.
Use the gloves supplied in the kit while applying Smart clear whiteboard paint. In addition, safety glasses should be worn. As with any painting process, ensure the room is ventilated.
Smart clear whiteboard paint is not flammable and is certified for fire performance making it certified for use in schools and offices. Smart clear whiteboard paint has a very high flashpoint above 158 degrees fahrenheit.
Yes, it is completely safe to apply dry erase paint around adults and children as it is certified as an extremely low VOC and low odour product. Smart clear whiteboard paint does not contain any isocyanates which means it is extremely safe to use around people.
There are two ways you can remove clear whiteboard paint from skin. The first option is to mix salt into warm water and rinse your hands with the solution. The second option is to use a premade material called sand soap which can be purchased in any good car parts store.
Smart clear whiteboard paint can be cleaned with any Xylene based cleaner. This can be easily found in DIY or motor stores. Please note, this is not suitable for removing Smart clear whiteboard paint from skin.
Your Smart Whiteboard Surface can be wiped clean with a regular dry or slightly damp cloth. For easier cleaning, you can also use any standard Whiteboard Cleaning Spray. For tough or stubborn marks, we recommend customers use our Permanent Ink Remover.During the first 30 days from application, we recommend cleaning your surface every day using the supplied Smart Micorfibre Cloth. After 30 days it is recommended to thoroughly clean the surface weekly with a standard whiteboard cleaner.
This is likely due to either improper application or the paint has been “stretched” over an area larger than advised. The Smart clear whiteboard paint application guide must be followed for all applications. The paint is formulated specifically to cover the area specified on the kit and cannot be stretched to cover an area greater than we recommend.
We recommend you try our Permanent Ink Remover on troublesome areas of your surface. This is an extremely high performing product which is not suitable for daily cleaning. If you would like advice on any issue, please email a picture of the affected area, along with your order number and total surface size (in square meters) to
Continued use of alcohol on Smart clear whiteboard paint may deteriorate the integrity of your surface and reduce performance. We have designed our range of cleaning fluids to provide the best cleaning results while maintaining the quality you expect from your Smart Surface. You can see our full range of cleaning products.
No, like any regular whiteboard, Smart clear whiteboard paint is not compatible with permanent markers. If permanent markers are used on Smart clear whiteboard paint, we advise using our Permanent Ink Remover to remove.
It may be possible to remove a permanent marker by writing over it with a whiteboard marker. This will ‘wet’ the ink again, thus making it easier to remove. Wait two minutes, then wipe off. If this fails to work or use our Permanent Ink Remover available. This is a specialised cleaner designed to remove permanent marker, stubborn stains and ghosting from whiteboards and clear whiteboard painted surfaces.
Smart Dry Erase Paint is available in a white finish or a clear (transparent) finish. The clear finish allows you to retain the original color or graphics on your wall and benefit from whiteboard functionality.
Smart clear whiteboard paint can be used as a projector surface with short throw projectors although it was not designed for this purpose. For a better quality projection surface, please use one of our projection screen solutions specifically designed for projection.
If you notice a ‘hotspot’ on the surface, simply re-angle your projector to eliminate it. If you require a high-performance projector surface we recommend using one of our Projector Paints. If you are looking for a surface with both projector and whiteboard functionalities, choose our Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper Low Sheen.
Yes, we recommend using our Super Magnetic Paint or our Magnetic Plaster. For a rapidly installed magnetic and writable surface, choose our Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper instead. Learn more here.
Our clear whiteboard paint is designed to be applied over all colours from light to deep colours. We recommend painting full walls as if only a section of a wall is painted it may be noticeable as ambient light will reflect differently from the surface of the clear whiteboard paint when compared to coloured paint .
We do not recommend our clear whiteboard paint over a brilliant white coloured paint as a slight yellowing effect can be caused by how light interacts with the white paint underneath the clear whiteboard, whilst this can be very mild almost unnoticeable in most cases, we recommend using our white whiteboard paint as it will give a brilliant white finish.

Clear Whiteboard Paint installation

Clear Whiteboard Paint does not require professional installation. Anyone can apply this dry erase paint.

It is important that your surface is smooth before application. A smooth surface will help you achieve the best final results.

Our clear primer must be used before applying Clear Whiteboard Paint over an absorbent surface or material

A full application guide is available to help you apply our whiteboard paint.
You can view our whiteboard paint application video to see how you can apply it correctly.

Application GuideA full application guide to help you apply our Clear Whiteboard Paint.

Clear Whiteboard Paint installation Video

Watch our step-by-step Video Application Guide

Whiteboard Paint Clear Videos

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