Magnetic Wall Paint: Create Super Strong Magnetic Walls

One of the most critical elements in a classroom or office is engagement. But how do you foster a two-way communication environment where everyone feels involved? Enter magnetic wall paint—a revolutionary product that is reshaping how we think about our wall surfaces. Whether you are a teacher striving to keep students engaged or an office manager looking for innovative ways to increase productivity, magnetic wall paint can make all the difference.

Magnetic Wall Paint - Create Super Strong Magnetic Walls

Is There a Paint That Makes a Surface Magnetic?

As we mentioned, there are specialized paints like Super Magnetic Paint designed to transform your wall into a magnetic surface. This paint contain a high concentration of magnetite to provide an excellent level of magnetic strength. If you want even more, Magnetic Plaster will ensure your wall can hold anything from notes to more substantial items like keys or even small tools.

Does Magnetic Wall Paint Really Work?

Absolutely. Magnetic wall paint works by incorporating tiny iron particles within the paint mixture, providing a surface that magnets can adhere to. Products like Super Magnetic Paint offer an incredibly high level of magnetism—over 60% magnetite, to be precise, capable of holding up to 5 pages with just one neo magnet. So whether you’re pinning educational material or project timelines, magnetic wall paint is a solution that genuinely works.

Can You Paint a Wall to Make it Magnetic?

Yes, painting a wall to make it magnetic is not only possible but also quite straightforward. Applying Smarter Surfaces’ magnetic wall paint is similar to applying any other kind of paint. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to apply magnetic wall paint to your walls effectively.

How To Apply Magnetic Wall Paint: Step by Step Guide

Applying magnetic wall paint is a simple yet transformative process. Follow these steps to turn your wall into a super magnetic surface:

1. Measure The Area
Carefully measure the area you wish to cover with magnetic wall paint to ensure you have enough paint. A standard tin of Super Magnetic Paint covers 65 sq ft with 4 coats.

2. Prepare The Surface
Ensure the surface is clean and dry. Any holes or cracks should be filled with a standard decorator’s filler. After that, apply one coat of Smart White Primer to prepare the wall for magnetic paint.

3. Stir The Magnetic Wall Paint
Before you begin applying the paint, make sure to stir it until liquid to ensure even distribution of magnetic particles throughout the mix.

4. Apply the Magnetic Wall Paint
We recommend applying 4 coats of Super Magnetic Paint for maximum magnetism. You can use either a roller or a brush for this step. If using a roller, opt for a short pile sleeve to achieve a smooth finish. Apply the first coat evenly and allow it to dry before moving on to subsequent coats.

5. Sand the Surface
After each coat of magnetic wall paint has dried, lightly sand the surface. This will ensure a smooth finish, enabling you to top-coat the magnetic wall with your chosen color, digital print, or even wallpaper.

6. Allow to Dry
Let the magnetic wall paint dry for at least 24 hours. This is crucial for the paint to cure and offer maximum magnetic strength.

7. Magnets
For the best performance, opt for specialized magnets like Smart Neo-Magnets. Ordinary household magnets may not be powerful enough to hold items securely on the magnetic wall paint.

The Benefits of Magnetic Wall Paint in Classrooms and Offices

Let’s look at why magnetic wall paint is revolutionizing learning and working environments.

Woman writing on super magnetic painted office wall

For Classrooms

  • Interactive Learning: With magnetic wall paint, education is no longer a one-way street.
  • Teachers can get groups of students up and working at the magnetic wall, fostering a more engaged and collaborative environment.

  • Multi-Functional: Teachers can upgrade the magnetic wall paint with products like Whiteboard Wallpaper for a dual-function dry erase and magnetic surface.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Products like Super Magnetic Paint are low VOC, solvent-free, and isocyanate-free, making them safe for children.

For Offices

  • Transform Collaborative Spaces: Planning, scheduling, brainstorming, and more can be effortlessly done on a wall coated with magnetic wall paint.
  • Versatility: Offices can benefit from multi-functional surfaces by top-coating magnetic wall paint with Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen, which offers both dry erase and projection capabilities.
  • Sustainable Option: Just like in classrooms, magnetic wall paint in offices is a greener choice due to its low VOC and solvent-free nature.
Further Customization and Products

Magnetic paint wall in white office

For Classrooms

  • Whiteboard Wallpaper: Upgrade the magnetic wall with a layer of whiteboard wallpaper for a multi-functional learning surface.
  • Magnetic Plaster: For those who prefer plaster over paint, magnetic plaster offers an impressive 75% magnetite content, making it the strongest magnetic product for wall surfaces in classrooms.

For Offices

Magnetic wall paint has opened up a world of possibilities for both classrooms and offices. Whether it’s to create an interactive learning environment for students or to facilitate better project management in the office, magnetic wall paint provides a modern, customizable, and environmentally friendly solution.

So, why settle for traditional walls when you can easily upgrade to a magnetic surface? Transform your classrooms and offices today with magnetic wall paint and experience the difference it can make in fostering engagement, collaboration, and productivity.